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Coinbooks helps you keep track of all your balances, transactions, and token holdings on the Ethereum blockchain. Only an email address is required to start using it.

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Watch any address on the blockchain

Add your addresses to sync all transactions and token holdings. Coinbooks uses Etherscan.io and Ethplorer.io as its sources of truth for the Ethereum blockchain.

Secure and anonymous

We encrypt all data and use SSL for network traffic. Your data remains as anonymous as possible. We only collect an email address, so use an anonymous one if privacy is a concern.

Categorize transactions

Get a grip on your ETH income and spending with transaction categorization, whether you are using Ether for investing, DAOs, or something else no one has thought of yet!

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Keep your contacts

Ethereum addresses are intentionally obfuscated. Now, behind your personal Coinbooks account, you can associate 0x1d492b39d87427... with Jane Doe and search for transactions associated with her.

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Track your tokens

Using Ethplorer.io, Coinbooks syncs any token holdings associated with your ETH addresses. You can easily view your Golem, Trustcoin, or any other ERC20 compliant tokens.

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View snapshots

Get a big picture view of your accounts through your personal dashboard. You'll get account balances, income vs. spending, spent and received by category, and more.

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Need a custom contract dashboard?

Need a custom dashboard for your Ethereum smart contract? We can create one for you and link it to your Coinbooks account.

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Coinbooks is free to use! We appreciate your support in the form of Twitter shoutouts @coinbooksio or ETH donations.